Monday, July 16, 2007

Newest Naturalized Citizens

More and more immigrants are becoming U.S. citizens. In Texas, minority groups continue to grow each year making their participation in politics more important. Many of the new naturalized citizens were looking forward to voting in the next elections. Immigrants are also qualified and understand the language. This is just another step closer to the American Dream.

For complete article see: 900 become U.S. citizens during ceremony.


KSeago said...

Hi Georgina,

Great start!

Kris S. Seago

I2amUSA said...

Immigrants shouldn’t get persecuted for working after all they are taking jobs that Americans don’t want. Their kids are denied an education indirectly by making it more expensive, yet others are attending university by the “top 10% rule” where standards in different H.S. vary. Equal opportunity should also be enforced!! The state tuition would be a beneficial for the students, but just because they are immigrants it doesn’t mean they are not American.

dhara said...


amazin.........its based on the reality ..loved it